African Diaspora in the Cultures of Latin America, the Caribbean, and the United States by Persephone Braham (Editor) Contributors: Paulina Alberto; Eddie Chambers;‎ Monica Dominguez Torres; Colette Gaiter; Carla Guerron Montero; Carol E. Henderson;‎ Camara Holloway; Franklin W. Knight; Wayne G. Marshall; Julie L. McGee; Robin D. Moore;‎ Ifeoma Nwankwo; Phillip Penix-Tadsen; Lorrin Thomas. University of Delaware Press, 2014 This book is inspired by Keith Morrison’s paintings, “The Middle Passage,” one of which is on the cover and ten inside. “Scholars of the African Americas are sometimes segregated from one another by region or period, by language, or by discipline. Bringing together essays on fashion, the visual arts, film, literature, and history, this volume shows how our understanding of the African diaspora in the Americas can be enriched by crossing disciplinary boundaries to recontextualize images, words, and thoughts as part of a much greater whole.”